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Short but powerful: I for all takes care of everything that applies to a wedding, the entire preparation, the permits, the organization on the day itself and the handling after the wedding. So I for all takes all the worries out of your hands.

lf you want to get married in Curaçao, a number of documents must be submitted to the town hall Kranshi in Curaçao. You will need 6 witnesses  for a "tourist wedding". I for all indicates exactly which procedure to follow and which documents to deliver. Once these documents have been delivered to Kranshi by I for all, the civil registrar ensures that the proposed marriage is registered before the actual wedding takes place. This is done in writing and does not require your presence on the island. I for all takes care of the marriage booklet and the marriage certificate that are needed after the marriage to register you as married at the town hall in the Netherlands if you live in the Netherlands. Of course I for all also takes care of the introductory meeting with the civil registrar who will perform the marriage so you can discuss your wishes for the ceremony. From 6 months before the wedding takes place, it is possible to start collecting the documents, handing them in and requesting the wedding date at the Curaçao Town Hall.

Wedding location, decoration, food and beverage or catering, wedding cake, bridal bouquet, photographer, wedding car, transportation for the guests, tables, chairs, lighting, make-up, hairdresser and so on and so forth.....I for all organizes, arranges and maintains all contacts with the suppliers. For example, I for all makes a script and makes sure that all agreements with the suppliers are made and fulfilled on the day itself. If the master of ceremonies has questions and/or requests that are difficult to arrange themselves from abroad, I for all acts as local master of ceremonies and then keeps in close contact with the master of ceremonies and witnesses chosen by the bride and groom.



So I for all takes care of everything related to organizing your wedding.

Please contact us. We will be happy to help you.

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