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Also called Eye for all or Inki for all as many now call me. My name is Inki Brouwers. I arrived on the island in 2002 and my partner a little later. The culture and language immediately appealed to us and we immediately took Curaçao to our hearts. For several years I worked for various employers. Initially in the hospitality industry and then for years in the tourism and event sector.

Both on a personal and business level, I met a lot of nice people and through my work I also came into contact with the government institutions here. What a hassle to get the right permits if you want to organize an event or wedding, for example.


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A gap in the market, though, and thus the reason for me to do something with it in 2010. No sooner said than done, you might think. Unfortunately, it took me blood, sweat and tears to find out exactly how to set up a company and all the necessary documents and permits. But I succeeded and by the end of 2010 I had all the permits for my company so I could officially start I for all on January 1, 2011. Perfectly timed because in 2013 our daughter Fleur was born on Curaçao and as a proud mother AND director I could continue to work from home. Meanwhile, besides Fleur, I for all has grown tremendously and I went from home to the office.


Also in terms of activities we have expanded into different branches so besides everything in the field of immigration/emigration/weddings/establishing your own business, we are now also specialized in taking care of EVERYTHING that is needed to set up and/or continue to run a hospitality business. I speak of we because offering all these different services I really could not do alone and I am very happy with my colleague Nienke. In fact, we no longer speak of "I for all" but rather "We for all".


Back in 2018/ 2019, I worked on the island for 6 months in the hospitality industry. Even then I closed Curaçao in my heart. A study, covid period and a lot of work experience richer I decided it was time to return to dushi Korsow. Since January 2023, I have settled permanently in Curaçao.

I started my bachelor Leisure Management in NL in 2013 with the idea that I wanted to organize festivals. This I quickly came back from. When I specialized in City Branding in the third year of the program, I found that my heart was more in tourism and specifically "how to best put a location on the map."  I completed my studies in 2017. Because I wanted to gain some experience first, I started working and decided to leave for Curaçao after a year in the hospitality industry in the Netherlands. During that time, I saw that there were

was a master's program: Tourism Destination Management. However, when I was accepted into this master's program in early 2019, it meant that I had to leave the island to dive back into the books completely. After completing this master's in 2020, Covid decided to put a stop to a career in tourism. That's how I ended up in recruitment, and I learned a tremendous amount from that. Helping people, and especially with something that really matters, that's in my blood. In these 2.5 years I enjoyed working in recruitment in the Netherlands but missed Curaçoa more and more. That is why I have been back on my beloved island since January 2023. I don't even need to put Curaçao on the map as an island but I can share my love for the island with others now that I am working for I for all.  I love advising and helping people/companies to come here (temporarily) to live/work or just enjoy life here. That really gives me energy. I am extremely ambitious and that's why it clicks incredibly well with Inki. Together we are working on taking I for all to the next level. 

I myself am really a sun kid.  I love the outdoors and love spending my free time at the beach. Everyone is nice and I feel really welcome. I consider my friends as family and I find it special to see that people really enjoy life here, without too much stress, which is different in the Netherlands at the moment. Who knows, I might see you soon at our office, somewhere at a happy hour or on one of the many beaches.

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